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Information to consider when applying for a visa

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Applicant's name

It is important that you enter your first and last name in exactly the same way that it appears on your passport. If you enter any information other than what is in the passport and the visa is granted, you may have problems when boarding a flight.

It is also important that you include information about other names or surnames for which you are also known. For example, the maiden name or any variation on how to spell her name.


When submitting your visa application online, communication with you will be done by electronic mail (email). Therefore, it is important that the email address you enter is correct. All communications will be in English. Emails sent to you and any email sent in response must be in English.

Declaration on health conditions

If you have any ongoing health care or any special needs, you should report such condition in detail when completing the form.

Label free

Electronic visa holders are not required to have a label affixed to their passport to travel to Australia. If you are granted a visa, you must keep a copy of the visa grant notification letter.

Visa grant letter - VEVO

If you have not received a notification of approval of your visa by email, you can extract the letter through the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO).

If you authorised another person to receive correspondence/email, you must first check with your authorised recipient if any correspondence was received regarding you visa application.

Note: We recommended that you present your passport and letter of notification of the grant of the visa at the time of boarding to avoid any delays.


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Page Last Updated: 5 February 2018