Australian Embassy

Frequently asked questions


How much does a passport cost?

The cost of the Australian passport and other consular services are reviewed monthly to adjust for the current exchange rate.

Click on this link for the current fees and payment information.

How long does it take?

The processing time for a passport is 3 weeks from the lodging of a complete application.  The 3 weeks does not include mail/courier delivery time.

Do I have to lodge in person?

You have to lodge a passport application in person if you are applying for a first ever Australian passport, your first Australian passport when over the age of 18, you are replacing a lost/stolen passport or a badly damaged passport.

Please note that for a child’s first passport only the lodging parent needs to attend to personal interview NOT the child.

I washed/damaged my passport, is there anything special I need to do to replace it?

If the plastic covering that protects your biographic details and photo has lifted off the page exposing any of these areas the passport cannot be accepted as proof of citizenship or identity. You will need to complete an Overseas Passport Application (PC8) and lodge it in person. Your citizenship will have to be proven by presenting an

Australian birth certificate, Australian citizenship certificate or a previous passport issued after 20th August 1986 that was valid for 2 years or more.

My husband/wife is the Australian citizen can I lodge my child’s passport application?

Either of the consenting parties can lodge the passport application. There is no requirement for the lodging party to be an Australian citizen.

Do you accept notarized copies?

No. You must provide the originals of all documents required. There is no exception to this rule.

If you need to get original documents from another country we can accept faxed copies from certain authorized sources. Contact the office you intend to lodge with to find out the conditions that need to met for this action.

Can I get more pages added to my existing passport?

NO. You must apply for a new passport.

What application form do I need to use?

There are only two types of passport application forms accepted in the overseas environment. They are the Overseas Passport Application Form (PC8) and the Passport Renewal Form (PC7).

How do I change my name?

You must lodge an Overseas Passport Application (PC8) and in addition to the normal requirements include a name change document. Acceptable name change documents can be a legal name change certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree or death certificate.

If born in Australia and applying for a name change based on a name change certificate this must be issued by your birth state’s Birth Deaths and Marriages department. A foreign name change certificate will not suffice for people born in Australia.

Please note that you cannot alter your middle name with a marriage certificate. This must be done with a legal name change certificate.

Do I have to pay to change my name in my current passport if I still have a number of years left until it expires?

If your passport was current at the time of the name change event, you are eligible for a gratis passport. This is a free replacement passport with the appropriate name change and an expiry date the same as the original passport.

A gratis replacement passport with less than two years validity remaining is not recommended as it cannot be used as proof of citizenship or identity for subsequent passport applications.

What happens if I cannot find an Australian to be my guarantor?

A guarantor can be an Australian or a non Australian who is currently employed in one of the professions or occupations in the list provided below (and on the main passports page), and meets all other requirements.

• Bailiff
• Bank manager, but not the manager of a bank travel center
• Certified Practicing Accountant
• Clerk of a court
• Current law enforcement officer with five or more years of continuous service
• Current member of the Brazilian armed forces with five or more years of continuous service
• Dentist
• Elected Representative in the Brazilian House of Representatives or a state house of representatives or a local or city council
• Elected Senator in the Brazilian Senate or a state Senate
• Engineer licensed by a federal, state or local government authority
• Judge of a court
• Lawyer or attorney registered with a state bar association
• Marriage celebrant
• Medical practitioner licensed by a federal, state or local government authority
• Permanent employee of the Federal Government or a state government or a local government with five or more years of continuous service with their current employer
• Pharmacist
• Postal Manager of a United States Postal Service post office
• Registered Nurse
• Sheriff
• Tax Agent enrolled or licensed to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service or a state or local government taxing authority
• Teacher employed on a full-time basis at a school or tertiary education institution with five or more years of service
• Veterinary surgeon licensed by a federal, state or local government authority

My face is too small in the photo, will you accept it?

The facial image in the photo you provide must be compliant with the stated requirements of 32mm-36mm from crown of head (top of skull) to chin. If it does not comply it will be rejected. All other requirements must also be met and are equally important. Refer to the photo requirements provided on the application form and the information maintained on the passports webpage or see Photo guidelines.

What is the "Crown of Head" that is referred to in the photo requirements?

The "Crown of Head" is where the top of your skull would be if it were visible. It is not the top of your hair or the start of your hairline.

Where can I get an application form?

All passport application forms are available on the internet. You can access these forms by following the links on the passports webpage. Please refer to the information that has been prepared on the passports webpage regarding the internet forms. It will help guide you through the internet process and address common problems encountered by overseas applicants.

Do I have to enter Australia on an Australian passport?

Yes, as an Australian citizen you are required to enter (and leave) Australia on an Australian Passport.

I cannot find a qualified guarantor?

Consider the option of using someone who does not currently reside in your local area. We will accept a guarantor declaration made by anyone who is qualified, they can reside anywhere not just in Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela, however, we must be able to contact them and they must endorse the back of one photograph.

Do I have to make an appointment?

You should consult the passport office at which you intend to lodge to determine whether an appointment is necessary. You do not have to make an appointment if you are lodging an application in person at the Embassy in Brasilia. The counter hours are 9:00am-11:00am Monday to Friday.

Can I travel on a passport in which the name is different from my ticket?

Any specific questions regarding what an airline will accept as proof of identity should be referred directly to the airline. Each airline will have different burdens of proof and it is your responsibility and in your best interest to find out the requirements of that carrier.

Am I still an Australian citizen?

For all queries related to Australian Visas and Citizenship, contact Americas Service Centre on +1 613 238 1040 (international charges apply) or via the online enquiry form. Your query can be in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

What happens to my previous passport?

Your previous passport will be physically cancelled and returned to you with your new passport. No visa pages will be damaged in this process.

I made a mistake should I use white out/correction fluid/correction tape?

Never use correction fluid or similar product on an application form. This invalidates that section of the form and you will be required to complete another form.

How do I fix an incorrect date?

If you completed the application form online you can print another form and redo the problem section on the replacement page. If you requested a form from a passport office you may request another form page be sent out. If you are under a time constraint to submit the passport application you may cross out the incorrect date, fix the date and initial next to the change.

I have just done my passport application online, did you receive it?

All passport applications must be printed and sent to a passports office. There is currently no way to lodge an Australian passport application electronically.

Why can’t I use the renewal form?

If you cannot access the Overseas Passport Renewal form online then you may not be eligible. You may only use this form if your Australian passport is an adult passport, valid for over 2 years and is either current or expired for no more than 3 years. Alternatively you may be answering the security question incorrectly. The answer to this question must match what is on your record exactly for you to proceed. If you have exhausted all of these possibilities and still believe you are eligible then contact the passport office where you intend to lodge and request a form.

Every time I enter my current address (overseas) I get an error that my address cannot be verified. What do I do?

The Passports Australia website cannot verify overseas addresses. This message is just a warning. As long you are satisfied that the address you have entered is correct you can proceed by pressing the next button.

My Brazilian visa is about to expire can you get me a new one?

The Australian government cannot assist you with any enquiries or requests for visas for staying in Brazil. You should contact the local Brazilian Federal Police.

I am trying to fill out the application form online but I keep going around in circles/getting error messages. What do I do?

If you are going around in circles, it is likely that you have made an incorrect choice at some stage. The most common problem is that you are selecting the wrong answers to "Are you residing in Australia" (the answer should always should be "no" for someone applying in Brazil) or "Do you wish to renew an Australian passport "("Yes" for PC7 and "No" for a PC8). There are two information pages on the Embassy website prepared to assist you with completing the online application forms. One information page is a step by step guide to completing a PC8 form online and the other a general guide to cover the most common problems you may encounter.