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Welcome to the official website of the Australian Embassy in Brazil. Find out about Australia’s history, economy, culture and art; access consular services for Australians in Brazil; discover opportunities to visit, study or work in Australia; learn about cooperation between Australia and Brazil and more.  

Scroll through our homepage below for the latest COVID-19 advice for Australians in Brazil. 


**COVID-19 & Travelling to Australia**

Passenger Caps for Flights

On 10 July 2020, Australia introduced caps on the numbers of passengers coming into Australian airports from overseas.

If you’re an Australian in Brazil and you wish to return home, there are still some commercial flight options available. However, the following caps will be in place initially from 13 July - 8 August and may affect your flight::

  • Melbourne – no incoming passenger arrivals until further notice

  • Sydney –

    o   Until 19 July (inclusive) no more than 450 passenger arrivals per day with a cap of 50 passengers per flight 

    o   From 20 July (inclusive) no more than 350 passenger arrivals per day with a cap of 30 passengers per flight

  • Brisbane – no more than 500 arrivals per week (with a cap of 30 passengers per flight)

  • Perth – no more than 75 passenger arrivals per day, on average (with a cap of 50 passengers per flight)

It’s up to the airlines – not the Government – to decide who they sell tickets to. We stress you should confirm your full itinerary with your airline or travel agent and remain alert to possible disruptions.

Consult the Department of Home Affairs website for further details on entering Australia.


Hotel Quarantine

When you arrive in Australia, you will be subject to 14-days quarantine on arrival and you may have to contribute to the cost of quarantine.

Contact your state or territory government health department for the latest information on their specific arrangements and costs.


Flight Options from Brazil to Australia

If you want to return to Australia, do so as soon as possible. There are still some commercial flight options but availability and prices are volatile. For example:

  • Qatar Airways has flights from São Paulo (QR774) to Australian destinations via Doha.

  • There are also options to fly from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to London, connecting to flights from London to Australia.

Effective 26 May 2020, entry into the United States (US) is suspended for foreign nationals of all nationalities who have been present in Brazil (including in transit) during the 14-day period preceding their entry or attempted entry to the US (see further information here).


Booking Flights

Consult a reputable travel agent to plan your travel. Flights can be subject to last-minute changes and a reliable travel agent will be able to help you navigate any disruptions.


Other Considerations

  • Since 20 March 2020, only Australian citizens, residents and immediate family members can travel to Australia. New Zealand citizens who live in Australia as Australian residents are also exempt, as are New Zealanders transiting to New Zealand.

  • All non-Australian citizens and non-residents require a valid visa and travel exemption for travel to Australia.

  • It is your responsibility to meet Australian Government entry requirements and secure your exemptions prior to your travel. Visit & for further information.

  • You should have plans for your accommodation following the quarantine period. Consider how best to be prepared regarding your health, social well-being and financial situation once back in Australia.

  • If you cannot leave Brazil or prefer to stay where you are, make plans to remain for an extended period.  Ensure you have a safe place to stay, follow the advice of local authorities and minimise your risk of exposure to COVID-19. Stay in touch with family and friends so they know you are safe.  Subscribe to Smartraveller for the latest advice.


Last updated 21 July 2020, 23:15 (GMT-3).  Australian travellers should stay up to date with the latest travel advice on Smartraveller:

COVID-19) & Registration for Australians in Brazil


If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident and you're travelling or living in Brazil, it is important that we are connected with you during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Please register your details online by heading to

In the ‘additional information’ field of the form please provide as much of the following information as possible for each traveller/member of your family:

1.     Your passport expiry number

2.     Whether you are a dual citizen and if so, details

3.     If you’re not an Australian citizen, please tell us your Australian visa status

4.     If you’re not an Australian citizen, please tell us whether you require an exemption to enter Australia and whether you have an approved exemption

5.     Are you living in Brazil long-term or just visiting short-term (please include details: tourist, visiting family, visiting for work)?

6.     Details of whether you’ve had a flight cancelled or have a future booking (state which airline; your reservation number; and details about your booking such as dates and route)

7.     If you’re trying to return to Australia, to which city are you trying to return?

8.     Anything else you think might be relevant 

COVID-19 & Embassy Consular Services

The health and safety of Australians overseas is our highest priority. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our ability to provide some services may be limited. We will continue to prioritise consular services to those in genuine need. You must make an appointment prior to visiting the Embassy or the Consulate-General: refer to our Contact Us section for more detail.

For urgent consular assistance contact our Consular Emergency Centre, Canberra (Australia): +61 2 6261 3305 from overseas, 1300 555 135 from within Australia, or  061 3226 3111 from Brazil.

For other consular enquiries, email: [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected]

Follow us on our social media channels: 


COVID-19 & Australians Planning to Enter Brazil

There’s a ban on overseas travel from Australia. You can’t leave Australia unless you get an exemption from the Department of Home Affairs. Find out more on its Leaving Australia page.

Brazil has extended the temporary closure of its air, land and sea borders, but is allowing short stay visits for certain activities and entry for the purpose of establishing residence in Brazil. There also are some limited exceptions to the entry ban for international transit.  For more information visit or seek advice from an embassy or consulate of Brazil.


Last updated 22 July 2020, 23:28 (GMT-3).  Australian travellers should stay up to date with the latest travel advice on Smartraveller:


Australian Snapshot



Science: Human Trials of Australian COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccine trials, developed by The University of Queensland, have begun in July! Phase one of the trial will involve 120 volunteers aged between 18 and 55. The research team expect to have preliminary results after about three months and, if all goes well, they will move quickly to the next stage in the vaccine’s development. 

Find out more at:


Direct Aid Program

The Direct Aid Program (DAP) is a small grants program funded from Australia's aid budget. Successful grant recipients can support local communities with projects that reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development consistent with Australia's national interest.

For further information on the program, your eligibility to apply and updates on future funding rounds, please follow the Australian Embassy Brazil on Facebook and Instagram, or contact [email protected]


Australian Citizens

Need our help? For consular assistance, please call:

  • Australian Embassy in Brazil: +55 (61) 3226 3111 (Brazil business hours)
  • Consular Emergency Centre in Canberra: +61 2 6261 3305 or toll free (local call cost only in Australia) 1300 555 135

If you have trouble dialling from within Brazil, check that you are using the correct dialling and operator codes.

Contact details for the Australian Consulate-General in Sao Paulo and the Consulate in Rio de Janeiro can be found in the \'About Us\' section, and contact details for the tourist police in these cities are listed in the ‘Where to get help’ section of the Australian Government’s travel advice for Brazil.

We encourage all Australian travellers and residents in Brazil to:

To get the latest information about travelling and living in Brazil, read the:

Lost or Stolen Passports

Has your Australian passport been lost or stolen in Brazil? Report it online or to the Embassy. You may need to obtainan Australian passport in Brazil. More information is available on the Australian Passports Office website.