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Study in Australia

Study in Australia


Best place to study

A cosmopolitan English-speaking country with a globally recognised high quality education system, Australia offers excellent educational opportunities in:

  • schools – your future starts here
  • universities – gain an international qualification
  • vocational education and training (VET) institutions – where work and study meet
  • English language classrooms – a perfect place to improve your English

Australia offers a safe environment and excellent lifestyle. The cost of studying and living compares very favourably with those in countries of a similar educational standard.


Search over 750 scholarships offered by the Australian Government, education institutions and other organisations that can help realise your dream to study in Australia.

Learn more about the Australian Government’s Australia Awards, which target the best and brightest students, researchers and professionals to come to Australia and seeks to build capacity in developing countries.


Getting started

Start planning your future unlimited now with (also in Portuguese) and explore the links below for more information on studying in Australia.

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