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Travel advice

When travelling in Brazil, it's your responsibility to take care of your safety and wellbeing.

Our travel advice  will help you understand the risks and what you can do to avoid or handle difficulties.

Don't expect the Australian Government to be able to get you out of any trouble during your travels. Read the Consular Services Charter for what we can and can’t do to help you.

The better prepared you are, the safer and more enjoyable your travel will be. Browse our general advice pages on a range of travel topics, including how to stay safe.

Changes to advice levels

It's your responsibility to keep informed about any changes to the advice level. If it increases, take extra precautions. You can also subscribe to get an email when we update the travel advice for your destinations and follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a visa to travel or stay in Brazil?

Basic visa information is included in our travel advice.

If you have specific visa related questions that we don’t address, contact the nearest Brazilian Embassy or Consulate if you are in Australia or the Brazilian Federal Police if you are already in Brazil.

I’m having issues with Brazilian visa. Can you help me?



 I have arrived in Brazil without a visa, can you help me? 



What happens if I arrive in Brazil without a visa?

If you arrive in Brazil without a visa, you will be denied entry and directed to your airline to arrange a return flight. You will need to remain ‘airside’, ie in the international airport departure lounge until your departing flight. The immigration authorities (Federal Police) should also provide you with formal notification, including the reasons for the denial.  


What if I have to wait longer than 24 hours for my return flight? 

 You will need to remain airside. In some airports, such as Guarulhos Airport in São Paulo, there are airport hotels airside. In the event of a medical emergency, please seek the assistance of airport authorities.


Are there any consequence for over-staying my visa or arriving in Brazil without a visa? 

You should contact immigration authorities for advice. We understand that visa-overstayers will be fined and not permitted to re-enter Brazil for a specified period, eg one year. We’re not aware of any long-term consequences for those that are denied entry on arrival. 


How do I get married in Brazil?

We can't tell you what you need to do to get married in Brazil.

We can only provide general information about getting married overseas. Should you require it, we can issue you with a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) to Marriage.

How do I get divorced in Brazil?

We can’t tell you what you need to do to get a divorce in Brazil.

If you're concerned about the recognition of an Australian divorce by another country, you should seek advice from the Brazilian authorities. You may need to engage a local lawyer. To assist you, we maintain a list of local English-speaking lawyers for you to consider.

How do I register my child’s birth?

We do not register births overseas.

To register your child's birth with Australian authorities, you'll need to contact your state or territory registry of births, deaths and marriages. If you are pregnant and are in or are planning to travel to Brazil you should read our advice for pregnant travellers.

To apply for citizenship by descent, you should contact the Department of Home Affairs.

Can I drive in Brazil?

You can drive in Brazil for up to 180 days after your arrival, as long as you carry a valid Australian driver’s licence. It is also recommended that you carry a translation of your licence. After this period, you will need to obtain a local driver’s licence.


How do I apply for an Australian police check?

You can apply online to the Australian Federal Police.

How do I request a copy of my Australian birth, marriage or other original certificate?

You will need to contact the relevant authority in Australia directly, for example your state or territory registry of births, deaths and marriages.


Can you help me apply for a CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas) number in Brazil?

No. You can apply for a CPF number in Brazil at


I'm Brazilian and I want to enlist in the Australian Army. Can you help me?

No. The Australian Embassy in Brasilia is unable to assist with Army enquiries. For information on how to apply to join the Australian Army, please visit Army - Overseas applicants (


How can I provide feedback?

You can comment on our services by using the contact details at Contact us | Smartraveller.


Last update: 27 February 2024