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We provide passport services to Australians in Brazil from our Offices located in BrasiliaSao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro by appointment only.

How to obtain a passport in Brazil

While we understand some of our customers prefer to speak to a person to have their questions answered, in most cases our website will have the information you require.  The majority of the queries we get can be easily resolved by going to our general advice on passport applications, which provides answers to the most common questions raised. 


Steps to apply for an adult passport:

Steps to apply for a child passport:


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How long does it take to get a passport?

You should allow a minimum of six weeks to get a new passport. Priority processing services are not available in Brazil. You should plan any travel accordingly and lodge your application early to ensure you receive your passport in good time. Please read all instructions carefully as incorrectly completed applications will cause delays.

I applied for my new passport over six weeks ago. Why is it taking so long to get it?

While every effort is made to process applications as quickly as possible, actual turnaround times are determined by the level of demand and other factors. Since the reopening of Australia’s international border on 1 November 2021, the Australian Passport Office has been experiencing increased demand for new passports.

Not all applications take more than six weeks to be processed. It depends on the type and complexity of the application.  We also find delays occur when applicants don’t provide all the necessary information or haven’t met other requirements.

We strongly recommend you don’t book your travel until you get your passport.

Why do I have to lodge in person?

Australian passports have a well-deserved reputation for security. This contributes to the visa-free access that Australian travellers enjoy in many overseas destinations.

We maintain this security by verifying the identity of every passport applicant to the highest standard. To minimise any risk of identity fraud, this means accepting applications in person only.

I am a dual national, can I return to Australia on my foreign (Brazilian or other) passport rather than my Australian one?

You should contact the Department of Home Affairs for advice by calling +61 2 6196 0196. Australians have reported experiencing issues returning to Australia on a foreign passport. For example, airlines may not allow you to board a plane without a valid Australian passport.

I’m dissatisfied with the service I have received. How can I complain?

We work hard to improve our service and we welcome your input about how we can make it even better. Please submit compliments, complaints or comments to us online.



Last update: 15 August 2022