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Welcome to the official website of the Australian Embassy in Brazil. Find out about Australia’s history, economy, culture and art; access consular services for Australians in Brazil; discover opportunities to visit, study or work in Australia; learn about cooperation between Australia and Brazil and more.  

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Consular assistance

For consular assistance contact your nearest Australian mission or, outside business hours, call the Consular Emergency Centre in Australia +61 2 6261 3305. For further information, read our travel advice for Australians in Brazil.


Australia's biosecurity and border controls

The Australian government controls the movement of people and goods across our border. This is to protect Australia\'s environment, economy, health and wellbeing, and security.

To avoid issues, penalties and fines, and to reduce the risk of experiencing delays when you travel to Australia, consider:

• any COVID-19 requirements you may have to meet
• the declarations you need to complete
 the documents you need to pass through Australian immigration
• any biosecurity restrictions and requirements
• any import requirements.

Last update: 27 February 2024

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