Australian Embassy

Travel Document and Notorial Fees


Passport Application Fees

The current cost of an Australian passport is:

Ordinary Adult*

R$ 1.611


A$ 301

Ordinary Children aged 16/17 year olds*

R$ 1.356   


A$ 301

Ordinary Children under 16*

R$ 806   A$ 152

Ordinary Senior (>75yrs)*

R$ 1.061      


A$ 152

Emergency Passport Fee **

R$ 698


A$ 189









 *Please note that these fees include the Overseas Surcharge for Australian Passport Applications lodged outside Australia: A$ 135 for adult and senior passports and A$ 66 for child passports.

**The Emergency Passport is issued overseas and manufactured within 48hs (from the time the application is received until it is ready for despatch or collection).



Notarial Fees

Witnessing the signature                                                                             R$ 273                  A$ 74


Making and certifying a copy of a document                                      R$ 273                  A$ 74


Affidavit                                                                                                               R$ 273                   A$ 74


Apostille                                                                                                              R$ 314                   A$ 85


Authentication                                                                                                 R$ 314                   A$ 85


Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage                                           R$ 554                  A$ 150


Consular Inscription                                                                                      R$ 273                    A$ 74


Payment methods accepted:

The Australian Embassy in Brasilia and the Honorary Consulate in Rio de Janeiro only accept payment by invoice (boleto) that should be requested to the Embassy in Brasilia. Please note that this method may add additional processing time to the application, as we are required to wait for the payment to be cleared into our bank account. Credit cards, debit cards and cheques are currently not accepted.

For payment at the Consulate General in Sao Paulo, please contact them for information.

For applications lodged in Brazil, we only accept Reais.