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Appointing a Migration Agent or Authorised Recipient

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Under the Privacy Act 1988 the Department is authorised to provide information about a visa application to another person, other than the applicant, provided that the applicant authorises in writing.

If you wish to appoint a migration agent  or someone who falls under the exempt persons category to provide you with immigration assistance , complete Form 956 Advice by a migration agent/exempt person of providing immigration assistance

If you wish to appoint an authorised person such as a dispatcher, travel agent or another person to receive documents that the department would otherwise have sent to you, complete Form 956A Appointment or withdrawal of Authorised Recipient.

Only those who are duly indicated in one of the forms above may receive information on the progress of the visa application.  You will not be able to receive information if you do not have the appropriate authorisation based on the Australian Privacy Act.


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Page Last Update: 5 February 2018